Kate Humble in the High Andes of Peru

Like many, you have probably not experienced the harsh winters of Peru and can only imagine the conditions the Alpaca animals have adapted to for their existence.

To have a better acquaint herself with these conditions broadcaster Kate Humble travels to the mountains of southern Peru to live with people who are descendants of the Incas discovering an ancient culture based around alpaca herding. In this show, Kate immerses herself in everyday life, herding and shearing animals as well as spinning and weaving alpaca fibre.

The severe weather conditions and extreme cold in Peru have created one of the most incredible natural fibres known to man – alpaca fibre. Soft, durable, cosy and warm to wear. 

The Inca Empire is famous for its culture and architecture but the ancient people of the Andes were as skilled at producing textiles as they were at building, producing some of the finest textiles the world has ever seen.

Lacorines clothing, alpaca teddies & collectables are designed by founder Antonia Jacob and handmade in Peru by highly skilled artisans who live in remote villages and use skills that have been passed down through generations. Finding these talented artisans is no mean feat and local knowledge and contacts are key. The fact that Antonia is from Peru has enabled her to create lasting relationships centred on trust, respect and a love of the alpaca itself. Antonia spends a great deal of time sourcing and designing her collection while in Peru and each item is of the highest quality.

Lacorine only uses fur from alpacas that have died naturally during the harsh Peruvian Winters when many young crias are overcome by the conditions. This is a great loss to the herdsmen whose livelihoods depend on the alpaca fleeces produced throughout the animal’s life. None of these alpacas were harmed by humans.

All Lacorines products are hypoallergenic with no lanolin content and the company is an accredited member of the British Association of Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers.

With a firm belief in Fairtrade, ethical trade and the skills of Peruvian Artisans, Lacorine supports the Peruvian charity Amantani by donating annually to this important cause.

Amantani is an award-winning charity that strives to give indigenous Quechua-speaking young people in the Peruvian Andes access to high-quality education and fair employment opportunities