The Lacorine Luxury Alpaca Story

Founded by Antonia Valentin-Jacob, Lacorine is crafted from 100% ethically sourced alpaca. Luxury and sustainability are at the core of the family-run business. Antonia’s Peruvian heritage has enabled her to form long-lasting trusted relationships with skilled artisans from remote villages in the Andes mountains. Animals are not harmed during the manufacturing of each garment. Losing a herd can be a catastrophic financial loss for alpaca farmers, who rely solely on the wool from alpaca fleeces. We deal directly with the farmers to source pelts from the unfortunate animals that do not survive the harsh winters in the mountains. 

Antonia’s exquisite designs are brought to life by quality Peruvian craftsmanship. Beautiful fashion, lifestyle, and gifts provide a steady income for themselves and their families. Respective relationships enable deprived alpaca farmers to afford basic necessities.

Lacorine is a proud member of BAFTS - The British association of Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers

Made with non-dyed super soft fur, teddy bears are available in natural colours. Alpaca is hypoallergenic and super soft on the skin. Alpaca wool does not contain lanolin found in sheepskin, making it a good alternative for babies and those with sensitive skin conditions and allergies. Once you have touched the products you will be smitten for life! 

We are a slow fashion brand and pride ourselves on handmade quality, collectible items to treasure forever. 

Lacorine is a member of the British Fair Trade Association. 

Please view our brand video to see how we produce sumptuous, ethical alpaca for all to enjoy. 

Antonia and the Lacorine team