About our Alpaca Toys


Our alpaca fur collectables make an instant impact with the little ones – and the not so little ones! They are soft, safe* and super-cuddly. No two alpaca cuddly collectables are alike. They are individually handmade in Peru from the softest alpaca fur. Because the fur is 100% natural alpaca fibre, and not dyed in any way, they show natural colour variation making them little individuals!

Alpaca Teddy produces handmade alpaca teddies inspired by talented Peruvian artisans who express their generations of tradition through the production of these beautiful alpaca collectables. Fair working conditions and payment are important to us. In addition, seeking the highest quality fibre and alpaca product designs underpin Alpaca Teddy.

Why buy an alpaca collectable?

Alpaca teddies make lovely cuddly collectables or distinguished additions to bear collections. Our alpaca teddies are a classic, traditional and timeless collectable. They are often given as a keepsake to a young child.

Alpaca teddies make a perfect gift that will be treasured

If you’re looking for a gift that will be loved and treasured forever, choose a unique alpaca teddy or cria collectable. Alpaca Teddy teddies make great gifts for many notable occasions. These include baby showers, newborns, christenings, birthdays, Valentines, anniversaries, weddings. They are also wonderful to say those special three words.

The benefits of an alpaca teddy

Babies, infants and children love to touch and feel new textures. Soft collectables can help develop sensory skills, provide comfort and help soothe anxiety. They can also encourage social and emotional growth through pretend play. Similarly, adults love cuddling a soft collectable. An alpaca teddy can give a sense of security and reduce negative feelings, such as loneliness.

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*Our Alpaca fur teddy bears are EN71 collectable safety directive certified. They are pure natural colours with no dying and no bleaching. Alpaca fur is lanolin-free and hypoallergenic. This makes them perfect as cuddly, constant companions