Mini Alpaca Fur Collectable


Mini Alpaca Fur Collectable

Mini Alpaca Fur Collectable – Average height 18.5cm No two Alpacas are the same as they are all individually handmade in Peru by artisan makers. They are made from ethically-sourced alpaca fur, which is an incredibly soft, completely natural material.


Our line of cute alpaca collectables is made from natural and ethically-sourced alpaca fur from Peru. Alpaca fur is an ideal material for teddies and soft collectables since the fur is a hollow fibre, so it’s super cosy and warm yet lightweight. It’s incredibly soft and fluffy – our customers tell us it’s like touching a cloud! We have connections with talented Peruvian artisans who make each of our collectables by hand, so yours is made especially for you!  They have soft fluffy bodies with little ears and felted feet. We don’t use any dyes or bleach on the fur, as we prefer to work with the natural colour of the alpaca. Because of this, there may be variations in the exact shade.

Many of the exclusive products we sell in the Lacorine collection are commissioned in limited numbers and colours. Items can also require considerable time to make.

We endeavour to ship in stock items same day for all weekday orders (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri).  Please note however, that orders placed after 4pm UK time on weekdays may be dispatched the next working day. 

Orders of in stock items placed on weekend days – Saturdays or Sundays – will be dispatched on the following Monday.

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If the item is out of stock, we can arrange for it to be made to order. As production times can vary, we will contact you to let you know the estimated shipping date for the item you have ordered.

Alpaca comes in 22 natural shades. Subtle and beautiful, the alpaca is one of the most highly sought-after natural fibres in the world. The wool and fur from our collections come from 100% sustainably sourced alpaca from the rugged Andes mountains of Peru.

  • The unique structure of our alpaca textile makes items luxuriously soft with a silky sheen. 
  • Alpaca is lighter and warmer than sheep wool.
  • Alpaca does not irritate the skin, often like sheep wool.
  • Naturally water-resistant. 
  • Unlike sheep’s wool, it contains no lanolin, making it hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin conditions. 
  • It is flame-resistant.
  • Unlike cashmere, it resists pilling. 
  • Durable and long-lasting, alpaca is second to silk in strength. Garments made of 100% alpaca fibre are extremely high quality. 
  • Alpaca is sustainable and biodegradable.


Our Fairtrade Principles

Lacorine is a sustainable and ethical social enterprise working in collaboration with communities of alpaca herders and talented artisans in the Peruvian Andes. Together, we design, create and sell beautiful alpaca garments and accessories of the highest quality which are inspired by Peruvian culture. Our support of sustainable agriculture in the Andes aims to ensure the continuation of these storied traditions into the 21st century.

We are registered with BAFTS, a network of independent shops and suppliers dedicated to promoting Fair Trade retail in the UK. We are proud to be Fair Trade employers and ensure fair working conditions and payment for all our collaborators.

Find out more about our Fairtrade princples

Quality Craftsmanship

Our collectible 100% pure alpaca fur teddy bears make beautiful presents for children, baby shower gifts and adults. Hypoallergenic, lanolin free. All teddy bear fur is made with natural colours, does not contain bleach, and is non-dyed. Slight variation to colours. All of our alpaca fur teddy bears are EN71 certified. Suitable 3+. 

Suitable for allergy sufferers. Handmade teddy bears. 

Sustainable Luxury

Lacorine prides itself on crafting luxury clothing and collectables made from sustainably sourced Peruvian alpaca and recyclable materials. Each product is ethically handcrafted with pelts from animals, who do not survive winter months in the Andes mountains. Each product supports deprived workers in remote Andean villages. 

Handcrafted with Love 

All of our luxury products are handmade by skilled artisans in remote villages in Peru. Antonia’s heritage has enabled her to build long-lasting trusted relationships with the artisans. In return for creating beautiful teddy bears, the artisans receive a fair wage for themselves and their families.

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