Sustainability in Fashion: How Lacorine Commits to Circular Creativity

A love of nature has always been at the heart of Lacorine’s unconditional passions. We see ourselves as a luxury sustainable fashion brand, and one that is open to the world, its challenges and its cultures. In an ode to the art of timeless fashion, our company is committed to creating pieces that will be loved for generations to come, thanks to a synergy of savoir-faire and circular creativity. For us, sustainable fashion is more than a trend, it is a symbol of our relentless drive to create a world as luxurious as the alpaca clothing you will enjoy.


Our Values

In our interdependent society, where each and every one of us is responsible for preserving our planet, Lacorine is pursuing more than ever values that will help beauty live on. From local to global strategies, from Peru to the UK, we aim to always reinvent, adapt and innovate so we can adapt to the challenges we are facing today.

The Protection of Natural Resources

Lacorine takes an eco-design approach every step of the way. The House supports the use of raw materials in every step of the journey, and only sources alpaca fur from farms that are known for the quality and welfare of their animals. 

Our sustainable strategy has a holistic orientation, inclusive of impacts across the environment, animal welfare, farmer and artisan’s livelihoods. As such, we aim to source materials from certifications that drive positive change. That’s why the House is a proud member of BAFTS-The British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers. 



Lacorine aims to design with intent throughout every step of the journey. Our current packaging serves as a reminder of our mission to protect one of the world’s most valuable goods. We furthered our commitment by developing sustainable packaging throughout our entire value chain. Our organic, timeless pieces are packaged in recycled or readily biodegradable materials.

Carbon Footprint

Beyond designing products that will be passed on for generations to come, Lacorine aims to work in a way that respects the planet. Our drive to lowering emissions is aligned with the need to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees celsius, in line with the goal set by the United Nations Framework on Climate Change. At Lacorine, we recognise that accelerated, collective action over the next few years is critical to support the transition to a more sustainable future. We will continue to drive progress founded on the House’s core values: beauty, creativity, humanity and compassion.