A Heritage Preserved: Lacorine’s Lasting Relationship with Our Artisans

Heritage and tradition are at the heart of everything Lacorine does-designs that encapsulate both beauty and utility, timeless pieces that will be loved for generations to come. Thus, our founder, Antonia Valentin-Jacob commits to imaging exclusive icons-ones which celebrate our beloved artisans as much as you.

Thus, the House has an unwavering belief-from supplier to artist, from Peru to the UK, everyone in our chain is concerned. We believe in collaborative energy, one which is an ode to tradition whilst in search for innovative solutions. That’s why we are committed to supporting the people in our workforce, throughout our supply chain and the communities we serve.

Creating Opportunities One Design At A Time

Lacorine is committed to supporting the communities in which we operate by building close partnerships with our farmers. We aim to empower the next generation of creative leaders, from system-impacted communities to provide an opportunity for employment. That’s why the House establishes long-term secure practises to help producers have secure incomes.

Championing Diversity

Our diversity and inclusion strategy is designed to create a culture of belonging, retain talent and offer opportunities for our workers to thrive. We continue to maintain gender parity-all of our employees, regardless of sex, are paid the same. The House’s team is made up of an ethnically diverse talent pool that is committed to the art of sustainable fashion, and we continue to place an emphasis on a safe, collaborative environment.

Preserving Cultural Identity

Economic, social and environmental disruptions can affect the livelihood of farmers in the Andes.Thus, at Lacorine, we aim for our work to be a cornerstone in creating an agile supply chain that can respond to disruption and change, whilst preserving the tradition’s, heritage and identity of our artisans. We only source fur from alpaca’s who have passed away from natural means, and our exclusive, handmade pieces are never dyed. 

As Lacorine continues to evolve and grow, we believe it is important to closely partner with the communities that inspire us.

We know that sustainable change does not happen alone, and we are proud to work with the many partners that help us drive meaningful impact. For years, Lacorine has sought to inspire the dream of a better life through authentic, timeless style. Working with the artisans that continue the Lacorine legacy drives us. And we thank you for believing in that vision too.