Lacorine supports the Peru charity Amantani

Lacorine Supports Amantani

With a firm belief in Fairtrade, ethical trade and the skills of Peruvian Artisans, Lacorine supports the Peru charity Amantani by donating annually to this important cause.

Amantani is an award-winning charity that works to defend the rights of indigenous Quechua young people and artisans in the Andes of Peru.

Established on 20th May 2008, the charity works to defend the rights of young people in the Peruvian Andes. They enable them to access high-quality education and fair employment, helping to stimulate social development for Perus rural communities. They also work hand in hand with talented artisans who weave beautiful hand-made bracelets enabling women to foster their financial independence. Their intercultural philosophy promotes social inclusion, whilst encouraging autonomy and cultural pride.

Amantanis Values:

– Youth participation: We ensure young people are heard, become agents of change and are actively involved in the decision-making process at Amantani.
– Strength perspective: We focus on the individual talents of each young person.
– Responsibility: We encourage that participants and team members act responsibly exercising mutual respect, honesty and commitment.
– Interculturality: We respect and promote the diversity and cultural heritage of the communities we work with.
– Social Justice: Our work stems from recognizing the talents and skills of the people we work with.
– Gender Equality: We firmly believe in gender equality and actively work towards encouraging fair opportunities for everybody, regardless of their gender.
– Ayni (reciprocity): We integrate this Quechua principle to promote horizontal relationships or reciprocity across all our work.
– Individualised Support: We create highly personalized strategies for each participant in our programmes.

Amanatanis Strategic Objectives:

– Psychosocial: We strengthen the participants emotional and psychosocial skills that will allow them to freely and confidently participate in society.
– Academic: We support the transition of young people from school into higher education through scholarships and academic support.
– Employability: We promote work environments that are inclusive and fair to the participants of Amantani programmes.
– Organisational: We work from Peru to create and implement financial, organizational and operational strategies.

Ethical Trade Project:

Through this project, the artisans transform wool into beautiful and colourful hand-woven bracelets. They currently sell the bracelets in over 180 shops in Peru and the United Kingdom, creating a reliable source of income for the artisans as well as contributing to Amantanis financial sustainability.

This is how they define ethical:

– They work with people who stem from vulnerable backgrounds and need the financial support the project provides to maintain and develop a decent standard of living.
– Men and women are treated equally regardless of their roles as participants.
– Transparency and participation are upheld at all times with participants and they are informed and consulted in regard to project development and expenditure.
– Participants earn a fair income for their work. This is calculated based on the national average wage, the time spent on production and in relation to similar products in the market.
– They work with a group of people that feel supported on a professional and emotional level and have the freedom to participate or leave at any stage.

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