Spring fashion with Lacorine

Step into spring with Lacorine


The sun is peeking out through the clouds, rabbits are nibbling the hedgerows and blossom is coating the trees in beautiful shades of pink and white. There’s something about the fresh promise of spring that makes us feel rejuvenated and ready to embrace nature.

With a month of long weekends ahead it’s the perfect time to start planning some outdoor adventures. Fresh spring air is wonderful for your mental and physical health. So, whether you’re an active hiker or prefer more of a gentle stroll, we’ve got some ideas for you.

A fresh bite in the city


There are plenty of green spaces to visit, even when you live in the bigger cities like London. When was the last time you visited Regent’s Park and wandered the lake side to spot the herons and swans? Whichever town you live in, the season is bringing colour and sound into our parks with the arrival of spring flowers and nesting birds.

Of course, we know that our wonderful British weather is never that reliable. Or rather, we like to think that perhaps nature is just as excited about spring as we are and is showing off her many styles. Either way, we’re likely to have sun, rain and biting winds all in one day, so the key to making the most of the season is all in the preparation.

Our favourite item to take with us on a Sunday post-lunch wander is our lightweight cape made from 100% baby alpaca fibre. It’s easy to fold and store in your bag while you enjoy your stroll without being crushed or crumpled. Then it’s perfect to whip out for an extra layer of warmth when you stop for a picnic and admire the scenery, while being elegantly cut to give you a stylish look no matter where you’re walking.

A hike through the countryside


If you prefer to get away from the noise and crowds, picture long walks through the countryside with your family and friends. Now is the time to explore. The fields are full of lambs and bluebells create a magnificent carpet in the woods. All you need is to create a route where your efforts end at an idyllic countryside pub.

If you’re a serious hiker rambling the hilltops and dales from dawn to dusk, you will know that socks are one of your most important pieces of equipment. Hardwearing and tough, your feet need to stay warm and dry. The right trekking socks make all the difference, so we know you’ll love our action-ready offering, water-resistant and yet breathable made from sustainably sourced alpaca wool.

We recommend a trip out to the Cotswolds, where you can combine hikes along historic trails and through stunning nature reserves with visits to some of the quaint English villages and market towns. There are plenty of things happening in the Cotswolds in springtime. Just pop on your Panama Hat and join in, from the annual Coopers Hill Cheese-Rolling to the Blenheim Palace Food Festival. You can even book in for an alpaca walk, and find out more about these beautiful creatures and their fabulously adaptable fleece.

Make the most of the month ahead

With an extra bank holiday this year, May is the ideal time to fit in some outdoors weekends. Step away from our screens, breathe in the spring air, and book a full weekend of relaxation, exercise and family time. You know that you’ll feel better for it.