Sumac - Luxury Alpaca Fur Hat

Can I Wear My Alpaca Hat in the Rain?

The Beauty of wearing a Lacorine Alpaca Fur Hat in the snow, sleet and rain, is that it will keep your head perfectly dry. This is due to the composition of the alpaca fiber which makes it naturally water repellent.

As well as protection in the wet, outdoor sports enthusiasts claim that its lighter weight and better warmth provides them more comfort in colder weather too.

The alpaca has a very fine and light fleece, which does not retain water. It is a thermal insulator even when wet and can resist solar radiation effectively as well as being fire-resistant. These characteristics guarantee the animals a permanent and appropriate coat to protect against extreme changes of temperature offering the same protection to humans.

If you have been caught in the wet, after use, just shake off excess water, blot your hat with a towel and leave to dry naturally away from sources of heat such as radiators. Once dry, fluff up using a fine pet brush or warm hairdryer jet to separate the hair shafts bringing your hat back to its former glory.