A Christmas Workload for Peruvian Alpaca Artisans

A Christmas Workload for Peruvian Alpaca Artisans – Introducing the MNEME Bear – Via Grapevine

In the midst of the COVID pandemic, Peruvian Artisans go above and beyond to create the handmade shipment of Alpaca teddies required for the elderly in care homes based in the United Kingdom.

Following on from the recent Lacorine collaboration with tech consultants The Digital Line (TDL), MNEME. The Memory Bear has proven so popular the Peruvian craftspeople were called upon for additional stock to be produced for the program.

Working around the pandemic restrictions the artisans have made it happen and the teddies are now on route from Peru to find their new homes here in the UK.

The teddy bear is a very traditional and timeless collectable, says Lacorine founder Antonia Jacob. Not only do we have our existing clients for the teddies, and naturally our fill of children looking for a new lovable collectable, we are now beginning to reach a new audience in care homes

Due to the unique feel and texture of the Alpaca teddies, they have proved a very popular comfort with the elderly particularly those suffering from dementia.

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