Beautiful big-eyed alpacas, gentle creatures with highly sociable natures, have one of the most luxurious natural fibre fleeces on earth. High in the Peruvian Andes, alpacas roam across the Antiplano at altitudes of up to 5000m above sea level. They endure harsh sub-zero winters protected by the long hollow fibres of their fleeces. The animalís natural ability to combine a wondrously soft texture with its efficiency as both an insulator and protector in extreme fluctuations of temperature offers many benefits. The fleece has a broad natural range of colours from ivory white to black and many shades in between.

Alpaca garments are incredibly strong and durable, second only to silk for strength! It will not bobble in the way garments of other fibres do due to the fact that the hollow alpaca fibres are longer than other fleeces.

Delightful to the touch, alpaca naturally repels bacteria and odours and is both hypo-allergenic and lanolin-free, so the perfect choice for sensitive skin. It is soft and breathable, and ideal for wide range of products from hats to shawls to mittens.

Durable and natural, alpaca is also deliciously warm and lightweight. It feels incredible against your skin, and is at least as soft as cashmere. Alpaca garments will keep you toasty warm throughout the winter and on cool summer evenings.

The wool made to create our garments is sheared in a way that avoids distress to one of the national treasures of Peru, the alpaca. The welfare of alpacas, considered a national treasure in Peru, is a prime consideration of Lacorine. Our gratitude goes to the alpaca for its grace and beauty. The success of our product makes it imperative that we treat the animal with respect, gentleness and sensitivity.