Lacorine was established in 2006 by Peruvian-born English resident Antonia Valentin-Jacob. Passionate about the wonderful animals she grew up with, Antonia was determined to bring their incredible natural fibre and the beautiful workmanship of her homeland to the UK market. The result is Lacorine, a company dedicated to sharing and protecting the traditional craftsmanship of Peru whilst providing its workers with a comfortable life.

Lacorine works with selected manufacturers who provide work to some of Lima's poorest women, providing them with a living wage, healthy & safe working conditions and healthcare benefits - something which is stated in all contracts with manufacturers.

Can I Wear My Alpaca Hat in the Rain?

The Beauty of wearing a Lacorine Alpaca Fur Hat in the snow, sleet and rain, is that it will keep your head perfectly dry. This is due to the composition of the alpaca fiber which makes it naturally water repellent. ...

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